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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Begin cleatance for Graduation?

Pick a serialized Graduation Clearance form from Registry and begin clearance from your HoD.

Can someone else clear on my behalf?

Yes, its possible. However, you will have to write a formal letter to registrar requesting permision for this.Attach copies of your ID/Passport and the person clearing on your behalf.

What Should I wear during Graduation?

All students crossing the stage must wear a gown which identifies your degree level of the award you have studied - the people at the gowning station will help you with this. We suggest graduates wear smart or formal wear under the gown.

How do I make my name is correct on the certificate and graduation magazine?

We know it’s important that your moment crossing the stage is as special as possible. Please ensure you fill the graduation application correctly. Use the Check gradation status facility on our website to validate your graduation information. Any information mistach should be communicated immediately to us for ammendments.

Do I have to attend the 2024 ceremonies in order to graduate?

We would be delighted to welcome as many of our students to celebrate your achievements with us. However, attendance at graduations is optional. Your degree will be valid, and degree certificates and final transcripts regardless of whether you attend. .

Is there a cost for me to attend the ceremony?

Please laise with Credit control regrading the exact graduation fee you are supposed to Pay.

What is the date and time of my ceremony?

The 43rd Graduation ceremony shall be held in October, 25 2024. Deatailed information shall be provided in due course.

If I have further questions, whom do I contact?

Please get in touch with for any outstanding queries relating to your Graduation..

How do I recieve my Invitation?

Invites will be sent to all graduands on 19 October 2023 via email address address provided when applying for graduation.

Is it compulsory to apply for Graduation despite having completed my studies?

Yes, graduation is not automatic. Students must formally apply to graduate to begin the graduation certification process. Students are responsible for submitting an Application for Degree reflecting the semester in which they plan to graduate. To be eligible for graduation, students must apply no later than the published Application for Degree deadline as communicated to all students.

What happens if I dont apply for my graduation before the deadline

All students are expected to apply for graduation within the stipulated deadline.Please note registry will not recieve graduation application forms past university deadline. .

What if I have debts outstanding?

You should clear any debts with the Finance Office or Library immediately. We regret that, due to the deadlines, if your debts are not cleared within the deadlines , you will not be elible for graduation and your name will not appear in the press lists on graduation day..

What can expect after I have applied to graduate?

Once your Application for Degree has been submitted and processed, you be issued with a graduation clearance form by the registrar subject to clearance by all relevant offices There are series of clearance levels on that form 1. Head of Department who scross checks that tou have done and passed all subject as per study plans 2. Dean of Students who clears students with respect to student activities such as clubs and socities 3. Library which confirms that you have returned all books 4. Office of registrar will verify that all degree requirements have been met 5. Finance - Certifies that as student doesnt have any pending financial obligation with the university You will be informed if there are any issues with your degree requirements. After been cleared by finance, you shall recieve a phone call/email from registry inform you to pick you clearance note. .

If I am unsucessfuly with my graduation attempt, Do I complete another application to apply for future graduation?

Yes, you are responsible for submitting a new graduation application reflecting the semester in which you plan to graduate..

can I graduate if I have Incomplete, Z, FF marks?

No.You need to have to have passed all required subjects/units for you to qualify to graduate.